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Think about it. It's all around you and it applies to more than you think. Learn to master this and you can have anything you dream about.
What do you think "Karma" is? Do good things and good things will happen to you.. What do you think praying to God is? Or stories about things like "The Force" in Star Wars, or books like "The Secret". Your brain waves can be measured by machines we have today can't they? So if you have certain thoughts, then they must send a physical force out into the world. If you are someone that doesn't realize the power of your thoughts, it may scare you to realize how much power and responsibility you have to the world around you that YOU have created for yourself... Have you ever known a negative person to have "good luck"...? I personally have not. Human beings are learning to harness this capability as we speak. We look at ourselves as advanced compared to cavemen. How will future people be considered advanced as compared to us? By having more machines? Not exactly...
Maui, HI
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