Calgary Liquor Delivery offers a wide range of liqueurs and liquor for your drinking pleasure. Our stock includes all kinds of beer, wine, champagne, spirits and also fast food, soft drinks and pizza. We are the largest liquor delivery service in Calgary. We provide prompt delivery, fresh food and quality liquor at highly competitive prices.

Serving Calgary's food and beverage lovers for 10 years, we specialize in all types of individual as well as party orders. Ordering is easy, you can give us a call or order online. We are committed to provide a great experience to our clients and go the extra mile to meet that goal.

Here's a look at the liquors we provide:


THE most popular alcoholic drink in the world is beer. Everybody loves to have a glass of chilled beer. Beer goes great with any and every special occasion. Make your occasion all the more special with our choice of beers.Our Beer Delivery Calgary offers you from pale ale, to brown ale to lager, we provide all types of beer and that too at your doorstep! Check out our range of beers and order a case!

Also find out which beer goes with what food so that you can pair them up like a pro and impress your friends.


Fine dining is incomplete without fine wine. At Calgary Liquor Delivery, you will find a variety of both red and white wine. Wines are added to our stores inventory only after when our expert wine-tasters certify them for quality and authenticity. Our wines come from all around the world. Opt for our wine delivery Calgary service today.

From Chardonnay to Gewürztraminer to Chenin Blanc (in white wine) and from Zinfandel to Merlot to Pinot Noir (in red wine), our selection is wide enough to help you choose for any purpose – be it fine dining or gifting. Yes, we offer our customers the option to create wine gift baskets for their loved ones. On our very website, with a help of a customer service manager they can customize a wine basket according to their choice.

Also, check out which type of wine can be paired up with what food items so that you can impress that 'special someone' in your life with ease.


No celebration is complete without champagne. Take a look at our wide range of champagnes and choose the one you like. We will be glad to deliver it at your doorstep, no matter which area of Calgary you live in. Our champagne is always delivered chilled. Make your party all the more memorable with our 'Brut', 'Sec' or 'Demi Sec' champagnes.

Discover which type of champagne tastes best with what food and become the 'liquor hero' of your friends.


We provide spirits like brandy, rum, vodka, tequila, fruit brandy and whiskey. With us, you can only expect the finest quality spirits in chilled condition. Order your favorite spirits from us and make your own cocktail at home!

Our customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We strive to give you a great drinking experience. Our delivery is usually within 1 hour after the order (subject to weather, road conditions, traffic etc.). Try our liquor delivery service and you will never have to look elsewhere.