Champagne is always associated with celebrations, wealth and luxury. Wherever there is a party, there has to be a bottle of champagne. At Alcohol Delivery Calgary, we provide a wide selection of champagnes for your savoring. Our inventory includes Non Vintage (N.V.), Vintage and Rosé.

Champagne is basically white wine. It was first bottled by French monks. All the world's champagnes are brewed in a region in France named Champagne. Around 55 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is required to store champagne. At the time of serving, champagne should be around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be served in tall glasses with narrow necks.

The driest champagne is called 'Brut' and 'Extra dry' Champagne is a little less dry than Brut. Sweet champagne is named Sec and a sweeter champagne is known as Demi Sec. Vintage champagnes are made from grapes of a single year and non-vintage champagne is made from a blend of grapes of different years.

Why us?

We are the largest deliverers of champagnes across Calgary. Our partner store’s inventory is updated regularly with champagnes tasted and authenticated by experts. Our Alcohol delivery service is prompt (usually within 1 hour of order but that is subject to traffic, road conditions, and weather conditions). Our payment options are safe and secure and we operate on all 7 days of the week.

  • Tested for Quality

The quality of our champagnes are tested and are always delivered chilled. We know that when you order champagne, you want to have a good time. We ensure that you get to have a quality time with your glass of champagne. With us, you will get only the finest champagnes.

  • A Wide Variety of Champagnes

We have built a strong reputation in the market for our wide range of champagnes. We take pride in offering Blanc de Blanc Champagne, Blanc de Noirs, Non-Vintage Champagne, Vintage Champagne, Non-Vintage Rosé, Vintage Rosé and Demi Sec Champagnes. We are well known in providing exotic alcohol delivery in Calgary.

Pair Our Different Champagnes with These Foods:

  • Blanc de Blanc Champagne – Crustaceans, mild-flavored white fish and oysters.
  • Blanc de Noirs - Veal, pork, partridge and when they are aged, they go well with venison or kidneys.
  • Non-Vintage Champagne – Cheeses like Emmental and Beaufort. As they are aged, they go well with Oscietra caviar.
  • Vintage Champagne – Parmesan cheese, mildly smoked food items. Vintage champagnes which are relatively less aged, go well with light meats, Japanese cuisine and cheeses like Chaource.
  • Non-Vintage Rosé – Seafood like prawn and lobster.
  • Vintage Rosé – Meaty dishes and Japanese cuisine.
  • Demi Sec Champagnes – Anything sweet but not too sweet.
  • Convenient Pricing

We offer our champagnes in highly competitive rates. With us, you would never have to worry about security of payment because all our payment options are secure. We accept all major credit and debit cards and also have a cash-on-delivery option.

  • Gifting option

You can also create champagne gift baskets for your near and dear ones on occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. We have the option for customizing your own champagne gift basket with chocolates, keepsakes etc.

Call us for a swift delivery of your favorite champagne now!